Wed at Major Mimi Camp 2010

I kept telling Davis “No Red Ryder—He’d shoot his eye out!”

Our trip to the National Rifle Association today was a good one. Mimi is now inspired to take a 2 day course in firearm training at the firing range. At the museum we saw every imaginable gun that has been made from the beginning of time. Davis was impressed with the gatling gun and the newer machine guns and, of course, the canons. Here’s a picture of Mimi’s personal favorite. Davis didn’t have a clue who either “Thomas Magnum” was, much less Tom Selleck!


We did some shopping after the museum trip, each of us finding a book at Border’s to enjoy this summer. Davis found Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian and Mimi got Winston’s War by Michael Dobbs. Lunch was at home–leftover Chinese from the Old Post Office.

After lunch we relaxed at home and then Davis, Mimi and Uncle Chi met up with PopPop at Fairfax Corner to see Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Lots of action and special effects, some humor and not much blood…just my kind of action movie. PopPop treated us to dinner at Potbelly’s and now we are at home to watch some TV and read.

Life is good at Major Mimi Camp.
Happy Birthday, Uncle Michael!


Tue at Major Mimi Camp 2010


Major Mimi Camp always includes an alteration in hair length for Davis. We began with “Let’s Make a Deal”—haircut for Yu-Gi-Oh deck. OK, OK—so it took a bribe, but it worked.

We began Monday with a trip into DC on the Metro to visit the Newseum and the Old Post Office.


At the Newseum we saw a 4D movie, had a marvelous view of the Capitol and Pennsylvania Avenue, introduced Davis to Elvis and learned some of the skills of being a reporter. Then Mimi beat Davis at the Ethics game …judging different ethical situations that reporters face daily. Gooooo Mimi!

After a couple of hours at the Newseum, we headed down Pennsylvania Avenue to Davis’ favorite DC establishment, the Old Post Office. Of course, he picked his favorite Chinese dishes, Sesame Chicken and General Tso’s Chicken. We couldn’t finish it all, so, as a result, Mimi’s purse is now Chinese flavored after carting the leftovers home.


Later in the afternoon, we went to the barber and then to Target where we found all sorts of great things, such as Yu-Gi-Oh cards, a Percy Jackson movie, The Battle of the Labrynth and, tah dah…..a bag of Peach Rings! Davis watched his movie while Mimi fixed meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. We ended the day with a coke float. Mimi has gone from hosting little Miss “I don’t eat anything” to voracious Mr. “I eat anything that’s not bolted down.”

Life is good at Major Mimi Camp.

Kings Dominion Mimi Camp Swap 2010

Monday was the official “Swap Meet” for Mimi Camp. With Brian driving 3 hours, Mimi and PopPop driving 2 hours 15 mins. and Uncle Chi driving 1.5 hours, we all met in the parking lot at 10:15 within 2 mins of each other. Great timing, Team Mimi!!0300202259922319905378013145232

Slathered on the sunscreen and headed into the park. Good news-bad news day! The crowds were very “light” and almost no waiting for rides…WONDERFUL! The temperature for the day was high 90’s. In fact, the official temp for Monday in Doswell was 101. AWFUL! BUT, that didn’t stop our kids from having a wonderful time; it was just the “old folks” who suffered.

Mimi, PopPop, Frankie and Khaki took the Kiddyville route, while Brian, Chi, Davis, Honora and Annagrace headed to the Dominator, Volcano, Annaconda and more of the death-defying, stomach-churning attractions. We met at the carousel and then to picnic with tuna sandwiches (Eat your heart out Mary Kay) outside the park.0300202259922319905378013159484

After lunch, it was off to the water park to enjoy the water and burn the feet. The concrete must have been 150 degrees for those not wearing flip-flops! Notice PopPop in the picture! Laura Kate went from….”I don’t even have a swimming suit and could care less about getting in the water” to “Don’t even think of taking me out of this place or I’ll throw a conniption fit”…which she did.



Around 4:00, we all headed out of the water park to ride a few more rides, but Mother Nature graced us with a full blown storm. After taking shelter at the kiddie bumper cars, Mary Frances and Laura Kate and, then, Annie got to ride the bumpers about 10-15 times until the rain stopped. At that point, Uncle Chi left for home, Mimi, PopPop and 3 wild little girls rode every ride in Kiddieville at least 3-4 times each. Laura Kate was “lovin’ it.”

Mimi, PopPop and Davis left at 6:30 to head home to Fairfax and Brian and the female maniacs stayed in the park to par-tee til they dropped! We got a message that they were home by 12:30am!

Whew–life is good and tired at Mimi Camp!

Sun at Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

Sunday was a very quiet day in the valley for our camper. After breakfast we met PopPop in his garden for some “pickin’ and diggin’.” Mary helped pick blueberries, then she and PopPop dug some delicious Yukon Gold potatoes. 037These were potatoes that Mary and her siblings planted at Easter break. Then we cleaned up and got ready for 11:00 mass. Since our camper was “the best” at mass, she earned a surprise.

0300202259922319905318014326359Flotzie’s for lunch! Mary chose a rootbeer float for her treat…a wise choice. PopPop had his usual…a coke float and Mimi tried the banana smoothie.

We shopped at WalMart for lunch fixin’s and treats to bring to Kings Dominion and came home to relax and rest for the afternoon. Mary and Mimi painted nails, read, watched Looney Tunes and took a nap. PopPop watched Wimbledon and just relaxed in the house. For dinner, Mary had spaghetti-O’s and Mimi and PopPop enjoyed their steak and those delicious , freshly dug potatoes. An early bedtime is on our schedule so we will be energized for a full day at Kings Dominion on Monday.

Life has been great this week at Mini-Mimi Camp!


Sat at Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

Saturday at Mini-Mimi Camp got off to a late start as Princess Frankie slept while Mimi prepared for the day by reinflating, cleaning and repositioning the pool on the slide to create the latest and greatest Valley Water Park. Since the happy camper slept until 9:00, Mimi and PopPop also worked in the garden and fed the birds.

After a breakfast of frosted flakes, “cream” and coffee-milk, we ventured out to the water park and had some fun in the sun and the water. Mary proclaimed it “the best ever.” Meanwhile PopPop grilled burgers and dogs for the adults and Frankie had crackers and peanut butter.

After lunch, PopPop and Uncle Chi settled in to watch the US vs Ghana World Cup game and Mimi and Mary headed into Luray to see Toy Story 3. After blubbering like a faucet, Mimi proclaimed the movie “the best ever.” We drove home, planning to go to church, but the soccer game went into overtime (US lost), so it was Tom and Jerry cartoons till supper time. Uncle Chi left to go home to Fairfax and PopPop fixed leftovers.

The best was yet to come for Saturday at Mimi Camp. After our ice cream sundae dessert on the porch, Frankie called the moon and what a beautiful moon it was! Just rising over the mountain was a huge orange full moon…AND…a wonderful fireworks display was visible at the same time.0300202259922319905318014323092

Life is surely, wonderfully good at Mini-Mimi Camp!

Mrs. Johnson with Donuts

Fri at Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

Our camper was awake at 7:30 today, ready for Cookie Crisp and chocolate milk and cartoons. Since we were expecting Mrs. Johnson, Mary Frances began coloring quickly to prepare a special work of art for our honorary counselor.

Mrs. Johnson arrived around 9:00 with animal crackers for a snack and chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles for “tea.” While Mimi and Mrs. J visited, Mary settled in to Dora and Mickey and Minnie. Remember the magic words…mishka, mooshka, mickey mouse!!! So far we have had a steady diet of food this morning from our friendly visitors. Mrs. Haarz dropped by with sandwiches from Quizno’s.

After our visitors left, Mimi rested on the sofa—too much food!—and Mary worked on the computer challenging Dora to myriad competitions. We took a nice walk through the woods to the big playground and then Pop-Pop was home and ready to leave for the valley.

While Pop-Pop drove, Mary watched The Little Mermaid and was heard singing “…ah, ah, ahhhh, ah, ah, AHHHH” with Pop-Pop totally clueless about what was going on! The best part of the day, though, was around 9:00pm when Mary Frances called the moon. It was “whole” aka “Full” and just beautiful. But it kept going behind clouds, which required more calling. This resulted in a dry throat, thus requiring a coke float to quench her thirst. Nothing better than a full moon and a coke float on the porch with Mimi and Pop-Pop in the valley.

Unfortunately, Mary was not accustomed to a full moon’s shine. With no curtains on the windows, at 3:00am, I heard “Mimi, it’s time to get up….it’s light outside!!!” I had to explain to her about moonlight in the valley! She promptly went back to sleep and is still sleeping at 8:00 this morning. Obviously, daylight is not at bright as moonlight.

Life is good at Mimi Camp.

PS: After trying to explain that this beautiful moon was being seen by her family in Raleigh, she started to express her sadness at missing her mom and dad and her family. This was quickly assuaged with the coke float!!! :-))

Coloring Tinkerbell

Thursday at Mini-Mimi Camp 6/24/2010

Mini-Mimi Camp began at Grandma and Grandad’s house with a late sleep-in. After breakfast and the morning cartoons, Mimi arrived at 10:00 to lead an adventure to Frying Pan Park with Mary and Grandad. Our reluctant farm camper got to see cows, sheep, goats and horses and even went through a typical farm house. The temperature was approaching 90 in the morning so any outdoor activity, other than swimming, was difficult to enjoy. And barn animals don’t smell their best in stifling heat! Grandad treated us to a tractor wagon ride around the farm and then we decided to end that adventure. We took Grandad home and went home for a lunch of apples, cheese and Cheez-its.

Since the pool didn’t open til 4:30, we watched the first Shrek movie. Well, Frankie watched and Mimi drooled on herself when she fell asleep.

When the movie was over, Mimi tried to talk Frankie into a nap, but after the pillow talk became maudlin (questions beginning with who my grandma was and ending with when was I going to die), we decided to forego the nap and head to the store for a coloring book and pudding cups.

Mary colored a beautiful poster of Tinkerbell while Mimi read and then we made pudding pops to freeze for dessert. The skies were getting dark, so we didn’t go to the pool. But–after dinner the skies were blue again so Pop-Pop, Mimi, Mary, Ariel and the purple noodle headed off for a quick swim from 7:00-8:00. Pop-Pop slept in the lounge chair while his girls had fun in the pool. We walked home, had dessert and relaxed watching the O’Reilly Factor.

Life is good at Mini-Mimi Camp.


Camp at Grandma/Grandad’s 2010

Mimi dropped Mary off at grandma’s school around 3PM and Mary helped Grandma work.

Wednesday evening we went to Wendys for dinner and then to see Shrek Forever. Bedtime was at 9PM and not a peep until around 8:30 AM today.

Breakfast of corn flakes, short dog walk and now Dora is on the TV. Plan is for Mimi to come over at 10 AM and we’ll go to Frying Pan Park until the heat drives us out. I think a swim with Mimi may be on tap for this afternoon before the storms come.

(Grandad Guest Blogging)

Waiting for our Turn 2010

Today we are really bored Davis is at camp Mary is at mini Mimi camp. Me,Laura,and Annie are at home doing nothing. We can’t go anywhere because we just dropped of the gold car (also known asbanana har to Laura Kate.) We watched Avatar for the first time two days ago. We watched Avatar again yesterday without Annagrace because she was at her friends house (Saxon.)I had my special eggs for breakfast. Right after that Laura Kate pooped on the porch and sh started chasing us with her poop but.

(Honora Guest Blogging)