Wed at Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

Camp today began around 8:30 this morning with a late sleep-in. Our camper awoke, changed into her pretty blue dress and came down for breakfast—Lucky Charms and white grape juice. Yu-Gi-Oh cartoons were on, followed by Dora the Explorer. Our plans changed a bit when we found out that PopPop’s flight was very late, so we called Aunt Jill and told her we were going to be late also.

We took our time and went shopping at Target for a new outfit to wear over to Grandma and Grandad’s house. We hit the target at Target with a new purple sundress. Once in the girls’ department, of course, we found a few more items, including a new white swimming suit covered with red cherries….Spectacular! Then on to Jill’s house to have lunch and swim.

The twins were all smiles when we arrived and Frankie and Mimi went over to Harris Teeter’s to get a sub for Mimi and Jill and a “lunchable” for Mary. We had a quick lunch because Anderson and Claire were also getting hungry. They had a “snack”, got sleepy and were ready for a quick nap. Jill, Mary and the purple noodle decided to leave for the pool while Mimi stayed with the twins.

The quick nap turned really quick after about 30-40 mins and it was time for the girls to return from their swim. Mimi and Mary helped Jill to quiet them with their bottles and then it was time to be off to Crossfield to meet up with Grandma.

We arrived at Crossfield around 3:00 and Mimi came “home alone.” Meanwhile, PopPop is stuck on getting a different flight and will now not get home till around 10:00 tonight.

Life is good, but lonely, here at Mimi Camp.

Tue of Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

We began today with an 8 0’clock wake up of our happy camper. After a few cartoons, Dora included, we had our cereal and juice and decided to embark on our adventure to the zoo. Although the temperatures were forecasted to be in the mid-90’s, Mimi decided she didn’t have the luxury to wait for a nicer day.

So we ventured off with our Cheez-its, water and juice and drove to the Metro Station. Fortunately we found one of the last 2 parking spots on the Metro planet! It took Mimi a while to figure out the ticket cost, but with the umbrella stroller in tow, Queen Frankie was ferried onto the Metro at around 10:00. Of course, nothing being easy, we had to evacuate the first Metro train because of smoke. Not a problem….I was out of that one in a heartbeat!0300202259922319905378014316219

It took us about one and a half hours to get to the zoo…that included a transfer to the red line at Metro Center and then about a half mile walk to the zoo. Even though it was hot, it wasn’t too bad if we caught a breeze or walked in the shade. The zoo also had water misters that we took full advantage of. The good news is that we saw the giant panda and the elephants and the big cats. Other than those and a few gazelles and horses, that was about it. The big cats didn’t want to move in the heat and all the other animals seemed to hide in their shaded compounds! Also, have you ever heard of a zoo without giraffes, hippos and rhinos??? Strange zoo?

0300202259922319905318014308377The highlight of the adventure was the chocolate ice cream cone….her green dress is soaking in the laundry as I write this. So…Cheez-its and chocolate ice cream for lunch…can’ t get any better than that! Queen Frankie also purchased a small stuffed panda and decided to name it…not Ming Ming or Ling Ling or something appropriate for a Chinese marsupial….but….”Michael.” Huh? Don’t ask, cuz I don’t have a clue why. Although a minute ago, she decided that it actually is a girl named “Aurora”

We left around 1:00 and got back to the car at 2:30; then proceeded to K-Mart for a pool toy. After much deliberation, the happy camper settled on Ariel Floaties for her arms and I passed on the Spiderman super-soaker! We got home, had a snack, rested for 10 nanoseconds and Mimi, Frankie, the Purple Noodle and Ariel Floaties walked over to the pool.

The weather is holding (no afternoon storms, as predicted) and we spent about an hour and a half devising various contortions and games with the noodle. Someone became an instant millionaire by designing a 5 foot length of foam rubber in the shape of a noodle!!! We left reluctantly…well, one of us left reluctantly. Came home, took our shower and bath and settled in for mac and cheese.

The plan is for The Princess Diaries as tonight’s movie time, but if we don’t start it soon, she may have to put Mimi to sleep and finish it on her own!!!

Life is good at Mini-Mimi Camp!

Mon at Mini-Mimi Camp 2010

Our happy camper had a full day. We started out in the valley and finished here in Fairfax. Last night she slept on the futon in our room and literally fell asleep when her head hit the pillow. But then, that happened to PopPop and me too! She woke up around 6:30 with us and joined us on the porch for coffee-milk and our daily rehash of “PopPop’s Precious”.

Then it was a full morning of Popeye and Looney Tunes while Pop-Pop and Mimi remade beds, did laundry and worked in the garden. We bought carrots to feed the horses, but every time we went over there, they were on the “back 40.” So we’ll haul the carrots back and try again on the weekend. Frankie enjoyed 2 large carrots with ranch dressing….the horses didn’t mind sharing. We went to Mac Donalds on our way out…ate on the “veranda” at Luray’s MacD’s…how elegant, but at Frankie’s request. PopPop showed such patience! Then off to Fairfax while viewing Sleeping Beauty.

Arrived Fx and PopPop unpacked and repacked…opened mail and then we headed out to the airport. Dropped him off and went to the Post Office and the bank. Then home to put on our swimsuits and head to the townhouse pool. Note to all….Mimi swallowed her pride, put on a suit and got in the pool. This girl owes me big time! But, admittedly, we had a good time…Frankie, Mimi and the purple noodle. Walked home, showered and went to Wegman’s for staples and Dora Spaghetti-O’s. The dinner of champions.

It’s 8:00pm and we are watching Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Davis Toothman, eat your heart out! Am sure that Mimi will fall asleep before intermission. Frankie’s in the recliner asking for popcorn!!!! I’m so tired I’m not even hungry…that should tell you something.

Life is good. Tomorrow it’s “off to the zoo.”


ps…This little girl talks non-stop. Even my ears are tired.
pps…Grandma and Grandad invited her over Weds. afternoon and then for a sleepover Weds. night.