Mimi Camp Day 5 2010

Day Five began with the usual “Uncle Michael’s Eggs” for HR and cereal for Annie, followed by a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons. By 8:30, Mimi rounded up her posse and we headed for Shenandoah National Park in search of our passport stamps. Unfortunately, our drive through the park on Skyline Drive amounted to a “Drive in the Clouds.” We could see about five feet on either side of the road for the entire drive! Wildflowers were blooming and we saw a buck, but that’s about all. Scenic vistas were not to be seen and even a short hike would not have been nice.

We found the visitor center in the fog, got our stamps, saw a short video on bears and headed home. Hopefully we can return in the future and do some hiking and see some overlooks. Our afternoon was spent in the house with the girls watching cartoon network and PopPop watching the PGA. Mimi managed to bake some chocolate zucchini bread to take to Raleigh. Well–only half will go to Raleigh; the other half was eaten for dessert! At 4:00 we went out to pick the first good peaches, EVER, from PopPop’s peach tree….and they are DEEE-licious. The harvest was small, but the fruit was good. P0pPop thinks this bodes well for the future.

We went to mass at Our Lady of the Valley, had dinner at Rancho Viejo and headed home for an early bedtime.

Life is good at Mimi Camp.


Mimi Camp Day 4 2010

Mimi Camp moved to the valley and the girls woke up early, too excited to sleep, thinking about the horseback rides. Honora requested Uncle Michael’s now-famous flavored olive oil scrambled eggs. Mimi cut the grass and PopPop worked in his garden till about 9:30 when it was then time to leave for the stables. Honora was so excited that she even took a shower without even being prompted!

We arrived at the Bar M stables and met up with their guide, John, and their trusty mounts, Tinkerbell and Hollywood. Our cowgirls headed out for their trail ride through the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Mimi and PopPop headed into town to check on car taxes and to have London Broil ground into meat for Momee Meatballs. Mimi thought the trail ride was probably a little more exciting that her trip to Luray!

After riding, the girls were hungry and settled for grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup…a tradition for Mimi Camp. We spent the afternoon earning money for Mimi’s new WebKinz so that the poor puppy has a bedroom and some food to eat! Then the new stepping stone needed to be made and after the stone construction, Uncle Chi, AG and HR settled down to watch the movie “Matilda.” After that it was time for PopPop’s delicious meatloaf, new potatoes and corn on the cob from his garden, along with slimy boiled okra! He got Annie to try just a “drop” of the slime and, of course, this brought back all the memories of Uncle Michael’s initiation into boiled okra!

Dessert was coke floats or ice cream sundaes while watching McNabb’s first appearance as a Redskin in Washington’s first preseason game. Mimi decided to write her blog since the “skins” were not that interesting. A half hour of Star Wars: Clone Wars was promised to appease the gods after having to watch meaningless preseason football and second round golf!

Life is good at Mimi Camp.

Mimi Camp Day 3 2010

It was a tentative beginning for day two, depending on Annie’s condition; but she rallied to save the day. Her fever was gone and she was “rarin’ to go.” After a few Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cartoons, we decided to head out to Great Falls Park on the Virginia/Maryland border. The day was going to be hot, so we left around 11:00 and decided to end there around noon.

We arrived at the Visitor Center and found our passport stamps. With books stamped for the Great Falls trail, park and the George Washington Parkway, we headed for their auditorium to see the 10 minute video about the history and geology of the park. The girls were hesitant to hike a trail and/or walk to the Falls, but Mimi persisted. The “three strikes and you’re out” seemed to work on their complaints. They were told that their complaints would be tallied and if there were three or more, lunch would be PBJ at home rather than burgers and fries at Burger King. That did the trick and we walked to the see the falls on the Potomac River. The water level was low, but the falls and river were still beautiful.

Then it was off to Burger King and home to wait for PopPop to call. We picked PopPop up from the Vienna Metro, went back to the townhouse where Chi was waiting for us and then took off for the valley. We had pasta and a tuna sub at Ciro’s, then retired to the tv to watch one of the first preseason football games…Carolina vs Baltimore….or “the girls vs Uncle Chi.” Tomorrow it’s “horses” and the girls can hardly wait!.

Life is good at Mimi Camp.

Mimi Camp..Day 2 2010

Day Two began with a breakfast of scrambled egg sandwiches and Captain Crunch Berries. Since we were preparing for our big night at the theater, we worked on our dress ensembles and made our way to the mall for some serious shopping. Mimi soon found out that her girls are NOT shoppers….at least, not for clothes. I think they love the new clothes idea….they just don’t like to shop for them…as if they just magically appear.

0300202259922319905204020518696Before leaving the mall, the girls agreed to a hair “makeover” and we stopped at Cartoon Cuts for a wash, cut and blow dry. They left beautiful and glad they went. We then went “all over creation” looking for a pair of jeans for Honora to wear for horseback riding. Success was to be found at Target in the ladies department. HR has graduated from girls to womens for clothes and shoes.

The day turned into a “good news–bad news” day for us as Annie started to get very tired and hot with fever.0300202259922319905204020517247 We spent the afternoon watching Looney Tunes and resting for our big evening. Grandma arrived at 4:15 and we dressed Annagrace and headed to Appleby’s with three hungry gals and one sick little girl. After a quick dinner, we headed to Washington DC and the Kennedy Center to see Mary Poppins. The bad news is that Annie didn’t feel well and slept through about 90% of the show. 0300202259922319905204020525489The good news is that the show was spectacular and Honora really enjoyed it, especially at the end when Mary Poppins flew from the stage to the upper tiered balcony where we sat. Mary ended up only a few feet from our seats!

Our troupe arrived home around 11:30pm and went directly to bed and sleep. Annie is feeling much better today. It’s only 8:00am this morning and Mimi needs a nap!

Life is good at Mimi Camp and getting better for our little girl.


Mimi Camp with HR & AG 2010

Mimi Camp began today, Tuesday, August 10th, when Mimi picked up HR and AG at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We drove home to the townhouse while discussing our activities for the day, beginning with a trip to the grocery store for breakfast, lunch and dinner items and “dorodery” for Annie. It took Mimi a while to figure out just what “dorodery” was, but after a technical discussion, we added deodorant to our list!

Mimi, Uncle Chi, AG and HR took off for Wegmans with a grocery list that included ingredients for chicken parmesan, Chef Boyardee’s Cheesy Burger Macaroni and Captain Crunch Berries. And, of course, coke for our coke floats. We added a few snack items (gushers and fruit by the foot) for the girls and granola bars for Uncle Chi and then headed home to prepare for our major adventure of the day.

0300202259922319905419013936724Around 10:00, the four of us headed to Manassas Battlefield Park to learn a little about the first battle of the Civil War and to begin our National Parks Passport adventure. While Chi took the walking guided tour, Mimi and the girls watched a 45 minute movie about the battles fought on the battlefield. After the movie, we walked some of the places that we saw in the movie and found Judith Henry’s grave and the old stone house. After hiking to the stone house, we got our second passport stamp and began our trek back to the visitor center and our car. By then the temps were in the 90’s and we were glad to be back in modern air conditioning!

We ate our cheesy burger macaroni for lunch and settled in to watch the movie Mary Poppins, which was “supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.” We also enjoyed some of Mary Frances’ frozen chocolate pudding pops, which were DEE-licious! PopPop got home around 5:00 and the five of us, PopPop, Mimi, Uncle Chi, HR and AG, along with the blue and infamous purple noodle, headed off for a dip in the pool. It was refreshing and fun, especially with the noodles turned into the poorman’s “supersoaker!”0300202259922319905419013944759

Dinner was ready by 7:30….Chicken Parmesan….personally requested by the girls. We are watching “Unnatural History” on the Cartoon Network and had our traditional coke floats. Bedtime is rapidly approaching and Mimi is signing off. Tomorrow we’ll try our hand at some shopping and then rest up for our big night at the Kennedy Center!

Life is good at Mimi Camp!