Day 5 at Mini-Mimi Camp 2011

This is really just day 4.5 as the girls are headed home this afternoon. Our last adventure may have been one of their favorites as we went down the road to Fairfax Corner to play in the fountain. The campers had it all to themselves for a while and had the best time running in and out of the water. After about 45 minutes of water time, we went home to have a nice warm bath and hair wash…followed by lunch while watching “Rio.” The campers were successfully transfered clean and fed to Grandad at 1:00 for their trip home. Mimi left Grandad with a few remaining fruit snacks to use whenever bribery may be necessary.

Life was good at Mini-Mimi Camp and the campers are missed already.


Day 4 at Mini-Mimi Camp 2011

The day began with “the usual” breakfast….juice and cheesy apples for Mary and juice, fruit snack and an “easy egg” for “Snacki.” Thanks to Davis and Annie for the easy egg instructions. At least Snacki has some protein in her daily diet. Our main event for the day was “The Smurfs” in 3D…as per Mary Frances’ request. This turns out to be one of Mimi’s most favorite flicks! The girls enjoyed it, even if Snacki decided to take off her glasses for most of the movie. (Surprising she didn’t have a headache after watching a blur for over an hour–but–her choice!)

We then went to Vienna to order Mrs. Johnson’s birthday cake, and while there, the campers discovered a Baskin and Robbin’s store in the same area. What a treat! And to think that those cones were “kid cones.” Nothing like an ice cream cone for lunch! We arrived home sated and immediately delved into a game of “Cootie”, which Frankie won, just narrowly beating Mimi and LK.

The campers wanted one more day at the pool and even though skies were darkening, the pool hillbillies headed out. After just 30 mins of swimming, the thunder drove the campers out and home, or, at least, to the playground near home where the girls love playing “cash or credit card.” Mimi loves just watching and listening to their imaginative play…wondering where they learned all that they know! :-)) PopPop arrived home from Atlanta around dinnertime and Uncle Chi and his friend, Lucy, joined the campers for pizza and ice cream sandwiches.

Note: The highlight of the dinner conversation was when the girls were talking about their afternoon and Mary announces to Lucy that “Grandma has Cooties, too.” Mimi doesn’t make these things up!

Life is good at Mini-Mimi Camp.


Day 3 at Mini-Mimi Camp 2011

Team Umizoomi is awake and watching “Bubble Guppies.” Yikes! Mimi thinks that “Mighty Mouse” needs to appear and save cartoons! Campers and their director headed out early to the grocery store and the girls definitely like Wegmans…at least, they like 99% of the items on each aisle. After a quick pass to get juice and fruit snacks, we headed home with over $50.00 of groceries, only to discover that we forgot the juice and fruit snacks. Was Mimi a bit distracted in Wegmans? We hurried home to unpack the goods, change our clothes (we needed pants to ride ponies) and then head out to the Leesburg Animal Park.

It was a blue-sky day and we enjoyed feeding the animals—well, two of us enjoyed it. Khaki was a bit overwhelmed by the llama’s enthusiasm for the food so she watched outside the pen. Mary got into it and fell in love with the brown donkey, but couldn’t feed it without sharing something with the sheep, goats, llama and pig. Mimi chose to feed the camels! The highlight of our adventure was definitely the pony ride. The girls were virtual cowgirls on this beautiful pinto pony.We played a bit on the playground, jumped a bit on the moon bounce and then ate our picnic lunch before heading home for an afternoon rest.

Late afternoon we decided to try out the local playgrounds and include a walking trip to Wegmans for juice and fruit snacks—which we remebered to buy when we got to the store! We walked and played till around 7:00, when Mimi conviced the girls to head home for a nice bath and dinner.

Life is good at Mini-Mimi Camp.


1. Khaki is now to be known as “Snacki”, as in fruit snacki! She’s the local guru on Tangled, Tinkerbell and Dora fruit snacks.

2. Mary Frances is being awarded the “Camper Medal of Honor” for having to sleep with “the wild thang”. Mary has gone beyond the call of duty by putting up with a sleeping, gymnastic 3 yr old pretzel!

Day 2 at Mini-Mimi Camp 2011

Day Two of Mini-Mimi Camp began with a usual dose of cartoons. Now Mimi is an official, card-carrying member of “Team Umizoomi!” NOT! Once the campers were fed and dressed….and….hair brushed, we headed out to run some errands, including a trip to the library to pick out books (about two dozen in two minutes) and lunch at IHOP. Mimi has discovered that the best time to feed these campers is the middle of the day, before they get too tired to eat in the evening.

When Aunt Jill called, we headed to Ashburn to meet the crew to caravan to the Leesburg Animal Park; however, we arrived just in time for its closing. Ugh! We had to do some quick thinking, so off we headed to Dulles Town Center Mall for a train ride around the mall, a carousel ride and a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. It seemed to appease the girly gods, so all’s well that ends well. Mimi and campers had a quiet night with the Pink Panther and some good library books.

Life is good a Mini-Mimi Camp and we’ll try again at the animal park tomorrow.


Day 1 at Mini-Mimi Camp 2011

Mini-Mimi Camp has begun. Mimi picked up her mini-campers at Grandma and Grandad’s house and they were ready after a quick hair spruce up by “Michelle de Herndon.” We headed directly to Ashburn to play with Anderson, Claire and Aunt Jilly. The playground was a perfect place for a little exercise and fun.

Our next destination was WalMart to shop for groceries and shoes and a few other dozen assorted items that the girls thought were essential. And…it just so happened that there was a McDonald’s in WalMart. What a marvelous store! Literally, one-stop-shopping! Smurf Happy Meals were a “must” and we left WalMart full and satisfied. A trip to the bank was next and home to rest before our excursion to the pool.

A trip to the pool would not be complete without a few pool necessities, such as noodles, floaties and rings. So…off to the pool in our stroller we went, looking like “pool hillbillies.” The campers had a fun time swimming and must have exercised themselves into a stupor, as LK immediately fell asleep in the red chair at 6:00 and didn’t awake til the next morning. MF held out a little longer watching her new Smurf cartoon video, but was in bed and asleep by 8:30. Mimi was only nanoseconds behind her!

Life is good at Mini-Mimi Camp.


Day 6 at Mimi Camp 2011

The campers are sleeping later and later; Mimi should do the same! But, with laundry and breakfast complete, Grandad arrived promptly at 11:00 and we were off to see the Washington Nationals play ball at National Park. The girls are experts now on Metro riding and our trip, which included a transfer to the green line, went very smoothly. Outside the park, the campers got their “Fi-Dolla Hats” and we were off to greet Teddy, George and Abe. The skies were dark, thank goodness, and the temperatures stayed reasonable without the bright sun.

Next on our agenda was THE FOOD. Grandad immediately found Ben’s Chili Bowl and he and Honora got Ben’s Chili Dog. Adjacent to Ben’s was the Burger Joint and Annie opted for the cheeseburger while Mimi went for traditional “Dog in the Park.” The Atlanta Braves managed to jump ahead with a 6-0 lead until late in the game when the Nats rallied to make it 6-4, but couldn’t pull out a win. The campers and their grandparents headed out in the bottom of the 8th inning and were home for supper at 5:00.

We settled in to watch National Treasure 2″…at least the girls did. Mimi fell asleep on the couch and managed to wake up to put the campers to bed by 9:15.

Life is good at “the old ball game” and at Mimi Camp.


Campers transferred to Grandma and Grandad’s for the remainder of the week….so….signing off for Mimi Camp 2011!

Day 5 at Mimi Camp 2011

Day Five was the long-awaited “Twinsday.” The campers, along with Mimi and PopPop, headed out to Loudoun County for an 8:30 rendezvous with Claire and Anderson….and Jill. The babies were ready and waiting and since Pop-Pop didn’t have to catch his plane for Mississippi until noon, he accompanied us on a morning “constitution” to the park. Jill headed one way and the rest of us headed out for our walk and playtime in the park.The babies loved swinging, climbing and snacking and the girls followed them around like good guardians! Except, of course, when they (the girls) were swinging, climbing and snacking! Claire looks like she has a great potential for catholicism…note how she accepts her Cheerios! After about an hour of outdoor play, we strolled back to the condo to read, to play more and to snack more. It was hard holding the babysitters back from eating all the Cheerios, cheese and raisins, but the babies managed to have enough to sustain them till lunchtime.

Mimi and campers left around 11:30, headed “to bank to get money” and then to Target and MacDonald’s for lunch. We spent the afternoon playing Crazy Eights and Just Dance 2. Around 5:00 we went over the pool, noodles and all! After trying to spray Mimi with their noodles, she called the cops and had their behavior corrected….NOT! Turns out it was “National Night Out” and the local “constables on patrol” were there to eat ice cream. :-0 Of course, we had to have “dinner in reverse” too.

After a dinner of “Chicken Parmigiana” we settled in to watch “Rio” and turn in at 9:00…the “no more electronics” bewitching hour!

Life is good at Mimi Camp.


Day 4 at Mimi Camp 2011

Day Four started with a late wake-up and some cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast. With just a minimum amount of “Tom and Jerry” we headed for the Metro station around 10:00. The girls are now experts on riding the Orange Line in Vienna!

With the temperatures rising into the 90’s, there was a bit of complaining and whining, so Mimi had to invoke the “three strikes and you’re out” rule; but after our walk to the Washington Monument and the White House, the promise of a trip to the Old Post Office for lunch helped to assuage the pain of sightseeing a bit. Nothing like hamburgers and fries to change their attitude!

The next item on our quick tour of DC was the Museum of Natural History. The girls were feeling much better and eager to check out the Hope Diamond and the Museum Stores. We made our way through the rotunda and past the elepant to get in to see some dinosaurs, but, girls being girls, we quickly decided that the diamonds and other jewels were more interesting. (Note to PopPop: any or all of these items would be acceptable for Mimi’s Christmas present.)

The gems and minerals were good for a while and we decided to hit the Museum store and then head home. Of course, the traditional “Slurpee-after-Washington” was required and a rest with Bugs Bunny was appreciated. Since the skies were darkening around 4:00, we nixed the pool plans and the girls made the mistake of challenging Mimi to “Just Dance 2.” BIG MISTAKE! “Baby” danced her way to victory…just check out the score in the picture.

So…..”Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” and know that life is still good at Mimi Camp.

“Baby” aka Mimi