Mimi Camp 2015 Tee Shirt Design Take 2

After placing the order for the Minion Mimi Camp tee shirts, I got a call from Custom Ink letting me know that due to copyright law, they could not print my tee shirt design without permission from Universal Studios. ¬†Assuming any attempt to gain that permission would be futile, I redesigned the shirt to avoid the key elements in the Minion brand — the circle logo, the round eyes, the colors blue, purple, and yellow (not sure about the blue?). –Mary Kay


Preview of Mimi Camp 2015

On this Mother’s Day, my thoughts turn to Mimi Camp and what creative and fun experiences my children have in store for them this summer. I have designed a new tee shirt, in anticipation of the Minion theme adopted for this year:

Mimi-Camp-2015-Tee-Shirt2015 Mimi Camp Dates:

  • Jun 11-18 Mini-Mimi Camp
  • Jul 5-11 Mimi Camp Frankie Edition
  • Jul 12-18 Big Girl Mimi Camp
  • Aug 2-8 Major Mimi Camp