Mimi Camp 2015 Tee Shirt Design Take 2

After placing the order for the Minion Mimi Camp tee shirts, I got a call from Custom Ink letting me know that due to copyright law, they could not print my tee shirt design without permission from Universal Studios.  Assuming any attempt to gain that permission would be futile, I redesigned the shirt to avoid the key elements in the Minion brand — the circle logo, the round eyes, the colors blue, purple, and yellow (not sure about the blue?). –Mary Kay


Preview of Mimi Camp 2015

On this Mother’s Day, my thoughts turn to Mimi Camp and what creative and fun experiences my children have in store for them this summer. I have designed a new tee shirt, in anticipation of the Minion theme adopted for this year:

Mimi-Camp-2015-Tee-Shirt2015 Mimi Camp Dates:

  • Jun 11-18 Mini-Mimi Camp
  • Jul 5-11 Mimi Camp Frankie Edition
  • Jul 12-18 Big Girl Mimi Camp
  • Aug 2-8 Major Mimi Camp


Day Three of Mini-Mimi Camp 2013

This Saturday is chocked full of activities for the campers, beginning with the activity planning and scheduling .

Mimi and the campers then headed out to Luray while PopPop tidied up his garden. Trying to broaden the culinary sessions at camp, Mimi’s tour around the grocery produced a small extension of camp cuisine and a large extension of PopPop’s credit card balance!

Mimi couldn’t get out of WalMart fast enough!  Lunch was corn dogs, a new Mimi Camp delicacy!

After lunch, the real fun began with a trip to the Page Theatre in Luray to see “Epic.”  With popcorn, soda, Skittles and Sour Patch kids for sustenance, the four of us enjoyed the movie.

Then if was off to Flotzies to “top off our tanks” in preparation for Father Chris.  The girls got their favorite ice cream cones–Mary, chocolate, and Laura Kate, vanilla. (strawberry was not available)

We all made it through mass….LK slept….and the rest of us prayed….and then we went to Ciro’s….as if we needed MORE sustenance.  Although, we all ate heartily….pizza for Khaki and ravioli for Frankie.  After dinner, we headed back home to settle in for a movie (Wall-e) for the girls and a Nationals game for PopPop and Mimi.

Day Three was good…especially for eating!

Day Two of Mini-Mimi Camp 2013

We planned our second day of camp to take care of picture business in Fairfax, which included the traditional visit to the “Elephant Hair Wash” aka “Cartoon Cuts” in Fair Lakes Mall.  With a 9:30 hair appointment and a 10:00 picture time, Mimi was cutting it close but we got it all done in time to meet PopPop at the townhouse for a noon departure to the valley.  The campers looked quite spiffy with their new hairdo’s and outfits.

With Pop Pop and a full carload of camping activities in tow, we headed to the valley while watching “Rio” on the ipad.  Stopping in Front Royal for lunch, the girls had their first KFC adventure.  Mimi never thought she would have to convince a camper to just “try” KFC food!  But, success was looming when they saw mac ‘n cheese on the menu!

The highlight of the day really came when the girls met their dolly surprise in the valley.  Laura’s little girl, Lily Rose, has blond hair, just like her mommy.  Mary’s little girl, Veronica Rose, has beautiful brown hair, just like her mommy.  Eliza’s little girl is awaiting their first meeting! The girls spent the rest of the day getting to know their new little girls, teaching them their repertoire of “Jesus” songs  and the evening ended with coke floats!




Day One at Mini-Mimi Camp 2013

Mini-Mimi Camp began on Thursday, June 13th.  Mimi and her small campers drove back to Fairfax early in the morning, in hopes of avoiding severe storms that were forecast for Northern Virginia.

The drive was peppered with “Are we there yet?” questions, which wasn’t unexpected except that they began in Henderson (30 mins from Raleigh)!  Khaki doesn’t seem to have a concept of driving times….Mary Frances isn’t much better at that skill, either.  I loved Mary’s question, “Do you like saying ‘yes or no’ when asked that question?”  How was I supposed to answer THAT without stretching the truth? Kids can ask the strangest questions!

We arrived in Fairfax without a drop of rain and with only two stops for the “necessary”, which included a double chocolate milk and two strawberry donuts of the Dunkin’ Donut variety!

Since the weather wasn’t the best, we had to forego a dip in the pool.  The girls settled in to serious cartoon watching.  In between SpongeBob and Mutant Turtles (modern version), the girls were trying their hand at the banjo.  After a thousand and one “Jesus” songs, I asked for a “Mimi Camp” song and Mary broke into her version of “Don’t be afraid of Mimi Camp!” Huh?Hmmmm!  Now she has me worried….

Uncle Chi arrived back from the airport with Pop-Pop at the same time we got back with pizza for dinner and we all settled in for a mix of Nickelodeon and NBA Finals.  Mimi settled in to bed and slept soundly for almost 9 hours!

Ready to face another day of the “worrisome” Mimi Camp…heading to have hair done at the “elephant wash” aka “Cartoon Cuts” and then on to have their annual pictures taken.

Let the fun begin!

Day 3 at Major Mimi Camp 2012

This was a MAJOR day at Major Mimi Camp.  After having hot biscuits with butter and honey, served with cheesy eggs and sausage, we packed up our quarters and DC map and headed to the Metro.  Today we decided to see what a spy’s life is like, so it was off to the International Spy Museum in Washington.  We assumed our new identities and began our trek though the land of espionage and intrigue!  “Carol” and “Colin” ventured through mazes of spy cameras, secret message codes and make-up changing identities.  It only took about 2 hours before we were saturated with enough information to fill our hungry little brains.

So….we left the land of spies to head for the Old Post Office where Davis couldn’t resist another day of Chinese Sesame Chicken.  It’s tradition now, since this was the third year that we have dined there.  A short walk away was the Metro and we got back to Fairfax around 3:00…only to partake of  our next tradition.
It’s now a part of Major Mimi Camp to enjoy an ice cold Slurpee at 7-11 after a hot day of sightseeing in DC.

We got to the townhouse to rest and regroup (Mimi) and to play 30 more minutes of “Shoot ’em Up” (Davis).  Next on our travel list was the movie theater to see “The Dark Knight” aka Batman.  Both Davis and Mimi enjoyed this “slightly” violent theatrical display of mayhem and got home by 7:00 to down the last of the Shepherd’s Pie.  Mimi has gone from Equestria with Rainbow Dash, to the castle with Princess Aurora, to class with “Skippito” aka Skippyjon Jones and to Gotham with Bruce Wayne aka Batman!  Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about all these “travels.”

We retired around 9:30….Mimi falling asleep watching the Nats and Davis reading Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth.  Another good day at camp!

Day 2 at Major Mimi Camp 2012

Davis and Mimi slept late–6:45am–and began with cheesy eggs.  Mimi has a trip to the grocery scheduled as she is already out of milk!  Also, after noticing Mimi’s food dehydrator, Davis has requested homemade jerky…so, after much discussion with Wegman’s butcher, Mimi purchased an $11.00 ribeye steak (again, thank goodness PopPop never reads Mimi’s blogs!). This will be the most expensive jerky in No.VA so let’s hope it’s edible when it’s dry!

After breakfast, Mimi and Davis headed to Markham, VA to pick peaches.  About a 45 min drive West of Fairfax and just a third of the movie, “Sherlock Holmes”, we reached our destination and found lots of lovely peach trees and many, many peaches! 

It only took us about 15 mins to pack our peach bags to the brim!We also got some Gala apples for “cheesy apples” and a jar of local honey. 

To continue our international tour of local cuisine, Davis requested a visit to Ireland to find Shepherd’s Pie.  Weeeel, begorrah, we found just that in Fairfax City at “Ye Auld Shebeen.”  While viewing Olympic women’s water polo AND Olympic Horse Prancing, otherwise known as dressage, we feasted on Irish Shepherd’s Pie and Spring Rolls.  Another country to add to our culinary tour.

Mimi then challenged Davis to Mini-Golf where she easily dispatched her opponent.  A victory Bilzzard was had at Dairy Queen and we proceeded home to have leftovers for supper.

Definitely a more sated duo was not to be found in Fairfax!

Day 1 at Major Mimi Camp 2012

Mimi picked Davis up from Grandma and Grandad around 8:30 and headed for Fair Lakes to check out the video possibilities at WalMart.  We couldn’t find the latest “Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows”, so we settled on a frappucino at Starbuck’s and decided to order the videos from Amazon.  Davis introduced Mimi to the Double Chocolate Cookie Crumble (at least 10,00 calories)but Mimi settled for her White Chocolate Mocha (probably only 5000 calories).  We headed home to organize our week on the clothesline, er….calendar line….and then proceeded to fish out any good leftovers for lunch.  PopPop will be soooo proud of his #1 grandson.  What a leftover champ!

Davis finished off Lucy’s pulled BBQ chicken from beach week and then Mimi proceeded to drag Davis over to Target Portrait Studio for his yearly MimiCamp photo.  We couldn’t find anything decent in his duffle bag (needless to say, everything looked the same in “accordion-wrinkle style.”)  So Mimi raided PopPop’s closet and found a “Nationals” polo shirt.  Davis says that it belongs to him now.  PopPop will never miss it….and probably never read this blog, so we are safe!  He’ll wear it tonight to go out with Grandma and Grandad and instantly become Grandma’s Favorite Grandson!

Next for the day was the beginning of Davis’ International Culinary Tour of Fairfax.  We began with a Chinese dinner at the Greenbriar “Fortune Palace.”  Davis ordered Kung Pao Chicken and commenced eating most of Mimi’s Sesame Chicken.  Good thing Mimi likes Kung Pao Chicken!  Not-to-worry, he’ll have the rest of the Kung Pao as leftovers for lunch!

The remainder of the day was spent checking out who was online for “Call of Duty.”  Bedtime was at 9:00 and Davis fell asleep reading How to Read a Book!  What a snore for bedtime!

Day 7 at Mimi Camp 2012

We woke up early this morning to begin our horse-riding adventure at the Special Passage Ranch in Fort Valley, which is about an hour from the Valley home.  We arrived at SPR about a half-hour early, but managed to find our hosts “almost ready” to begin the rides.

Annagrace mounted first onto “Midnight”, a 33 yr old black sway-back nag, who proved to be more spry than she looked.  Midnight is a former movie star, having had a part in “Sweet Home Alabama.”  (Note: We all are scrambling to find a copy of this old movie!)  Whereas Honora was assigned to a very big, handsome, all-white horse named “Walks-a-Lot”, who proved to live up to his name.  Come to find out, he’s also called “Eats-a-Lot”, “Poops-a-Lot”, and whatever else he chooses to “Do-a-Lot.”  The girls spent some time getting reacquainted with riding in the ring….Annie trotting circles around HR, who had trouble getting her stallion to “Move-a-Lot!”

The girls and their horses headed out of the ring with their cowgirl guide, Kindle, and headed into the foothills of Fort Valley…a beautiful, secluded setting in a secret valley in the Massanutten range.  Mimi stayed behind to watch the other horses, especially a beautiful Palomino, romp around in their corral.  The ride was a little over an hour and the troop headed back to Luray to meet up with PopPop at Flotzie’s for our traditional treat.

This treat was especially “Special” since we got to pet a baby wallaby while waiting for our ice cream.  Not every day you get to pet a wallaby at your favorite ice cream stand!  One of the attendants from the Luray Zoo had the wallaby, Darwin, in a pouch baby carrier while she was taking an ice cream break from her day at the zoo!

The rest of the day was spent playing Wii and watching “Avatar” before heading out to meet Grandma and Granddad at the WalMart in Ruckersville for the hand-off and the official end of Mimi Camp.  It was a good end to a fun week.

Day 6 at Mimi Camp 2012

Today is the big day for our Glamour Shots pictures.  We showered, washed/dryed our hair and gathered our “duds” for our jaunt to Fair Oaks Mall.  We arrived at 11:00 and first sat for makeup and hair-do. Then on to the photographer to capture us at our best.  Blog pictures to follow. This took almost 3-4 hours, but now we know what it’s like to have a model’s work ethic!

Then to the airport to pick up PopPop and head to the valley.  PopPop promised HIS special Thursday evening treat….which turned out to be the spaghetti special at the South Street Diner in Front Royal.  All his girls, Mimi included, question the “specialness” of this “treat”, but that’s PopPop for you!  We finished our spaghetti and headed to the homestead in Stanley.

A fun day for all at Mimi Camp.